My Final Project: The Combination of Music, Arts, and Gaming through Virtual Reality

For my final project, I have decided to feature Boston-based Harmonix‘s endeavor into Virtual Reality: Harmonix Music VR.

As the pioneers of musical games such as Rock Band, and Dance Central, the company had already had a long history in the combinations of different media for entertainment. Their newest project, however, presents not only the opportunity to mime your favorite songs or dance to the billboard top 40s, but also an opportunity to create artworks and music of your own.

As mentioned in a previous post, this is only another step towards the further combination between video gaming and other forms of media. Virtual Reality is not only a tool to make gaming more immersive, but to promote further creativity on a platform that has never been commercialized before.

The video game is trying to accomplish a whole lot; It incorporates free creativity in arts and music while trying to add an interactive gameplay element to the experience. This is only natural as companies have really only started experimenting with commercial Virtual Reality games a few years ago; endeavors into combining music and arts into gaming are few and far between.

This proves to be an interesting story both due to its content and visually. The use of combining different forms of media will provide a strong visual element, with artworks by both the gaming company and its fans. I’m hoping to interview and get a first hand experience of the project, and hopefully get my hands on some of the company’s latest development as well.

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