Virtual Reality: The Future of Communication

Socrates, an Ancient Greek philosopher and one of the most influential minds in the Western World, was an advocate against the written word.

“[Writing] will create forgetfulness in the learner’s soul, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external and not remember themselves.”

Whenever new technology in media or a new form of medium appears, push back always happens. Socrates was definitely not the first to speak out against a widely accepted medium, and current hatred towards the internet, twitter, and the millennial’s dependence on their iPhones will not be the last either.

This inability to fully embrace new forms of technology and media could partially explain the downfall of news giants of the past. Industry GiantĀ The New York Times is merely a shadow of its former self, while many had already ceased to exist.

It is now almost fully accepted that Virtual Reality as well as its variant Augmented Reality will be the next big step towards how we communicate with each other. Various prototypes of the machines, as well as their numerous capabilities are published and invented every single day.

The ability of these devices to fundamentally change how people communicate could not be understated. People can now be teleported thousands of miles into a conference through the help of augmented reality. Engineers can now plan out their designs in real life through the help of virtual reality. Journalists can now bring you directly to the story they are reporting on.

In hopes that the Media Industry will not repeat its mistakes with the Internet, this blog will explore various elements of this exciting new technology. It will cover breakthroughs, new applications, as well as existing uses of the device in the world of Media.

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